Tiffany Panels

A significant part of your home interior design is a well planned Tiffany styled stained glass panel. From door, windows, partitions to sky lights, they glorify the space with the play of light and colour .

Planning for something similar ? Get in touch and we will be happy to assist you to plan and execute that special place in your homes and hearts.

My first and most memorable installation, made in 2016. This was made as a part of French doors for a media room.

Location: Villa at Zonasha Paradiso, Marathahalli, Bangalore.

Tiffany panels for a grand main door entrance, made in 2018.

Location: TC Palya, KR Puram, Bangalore.

Foyer partition panel made for a client in 2019.

Location: The Five Summit Address, Whitfield, Bangalore.

Bar unit and partition panels, made in 2020.

Location: Villa at Whitestore Rosario, Whitefield, Bangalore.

Kitchen and living room partition, made in 2020.

Location: Adarsh Palm Villas, ORR, Bangalore.