These are some of the most exclusive mosaics that have been hand cut and finely crafted at our studio. We take great pride in being able to deliver these very exclusive pieces of art to our esteemed clients.

If you like any of these super exclusive pieces (one or more) or have something totally new and refreshing crafted in stained glass to adorn the walls of your beautiful homes, reach out to know how you could own one.

Cafe terrace at night – original painting of Vincent Van Gogh, recreated in superfine stained glass mosaic.

Cityscape – A vacation to some place south of France.

Starry night – another masterpiece of Vincent Van Gogh, recreated in super fine hand-cut stained glass mosaic.

Jai Shri Krishna – portrait of Lord Krishna.

Pet portraits– their emotions, features and love in their eyes, all captured in fine stained glass mosaic.