Exclusive mosaics

A mosaic is an artwork that is composed of many individually cut and uniquely shaped small pieces of glass or tile. Attention to detail allows you to see the complete picture broken up into numerous small shapes and colors.

From afar, mosaic art glistens with an impressive array of colors and patterns. Up close, the intricacies involved are unveiled, and you can see how much time and effort must have gone into creating the artwork.

7ft x 9ft

Ocean facing seaside window mosaic

30” x 24”

Vincent Van Gogh’s – Starry Night

18” x 24″

A vacation in Greece

24” x 30”

Vincent Van Gogh’s – Cafe Terrace at night

18” x 18”

Shri Krishna

18” x 18”

Radha – Krishna

Japanese inspired Cherry blossoms and Bamboos for good luck